Friday, January 25, 2013

Even Nashville Appreciates KSER

KSER DJ Jeff Hofman, host of Dusties every Satruday afternoon at 5 p.m. plays some great classic R&B and soul music. Even the music experts in Nashville are jealous.

Richard Knight; Bobby Easton; Jeff Hofman; Ben Knight; JJ Barnes

Check out this write-up in the Nashville Scene::

Hear Nashville R&B on the radio — courtesy of a DJ in Washington state 

Giant Steps

Leave it to a Washington state DJ to broadcast this weekend what Nashvillians can't find on their own airwaves: nuggets from the city's treasure trove of R&B recordings. Longtime DJ Jeff Hofman has been playing classic R&B/soul records and celebrating tthe music's legends and history for almost 20 years on radio station KSER-FM in Everett, Wash. His "Dusties" show (a term he discovered in Chicago music historian Robert Pruter's exhaustive volume The Blackwell Guide to Soul Recordings) airs Saturdays from 7-9 p.m. CST.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Anna Coogan; Daniel Kirkpatrick visit KSER

A couple more local singer-songwriters visited KSER's Sunlit Room recently.

Former field biologist and opera singer Anna Coogan, an up and coming Seattle singer-songwriter,  visited with Ron in the Sunlit Room and played a few of her songs.

A week after having Anna in the studio, Ron then spent some time talking with Seattle's Daniel Kirkpatrick of Daniel Kirkpatrick and the Bayonets.  Daniel talked with Ron and playing a few songs on KSER.

Thanks to Anna and Daniel for spending some time with KSER.  Listen in the weeks ahead for your chance to join Ron in the KSER studio for some upcoming performances!