Thursday, March 31, 2016

Trails to Success

Special visitors at KSER this week!

Jeb Bolton, a Snohomish County corrections officer who helped create the "Trails to Success" program stopped by with several young men who are involved in the program so they could learn more about community radio.

( r.) Steve Nguyen Phu; Raul Ramirez; Ana Maria McCleary; Michael Day; Jeb Bolton

Trails to Success, is a pilot program at Denney Juvenile Justice Center that gives kids a chance to gain work experience and prepare for job interviews. The program was recently profiled in the Everett Herald.

Ana Maria McCleary, a Snohomish County Juvenile Probation Counselor, arranged the visit for us and helped explain the importance of community radio and the different programs on KSER.

And while they were here, we also put them in the studio so they could record some station promos which you'll hear soon on KSER.

Steve and Michael behind the microphone!
The participants in "Trails to Success" also met with KSER News & Public Affairs Director Ed Bremer and learned about the process of producing news programs and what's involved in becoming a volunteer DJ at KSER.

This week's visit, and hopefully more in the future, is one of several educational tours we're able to present thanks in large part to a grant from the Tulalip Tribes Charitable Fund.

Plus we may have discovered the future stars of KSER!

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