Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Going 'Silent' - FAQ

We want to give our listeners something special this month: fewer interruptions to KSER programs!

We're calling it the KSER 'Silent" Pledge Drive.   So, what is a 'Silent' pledge drive?  Well, here are our answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is it really Silent?
A. No. Silence is generally not good for radio. But we are trying to raise the money we need without doing longer interruptions where hosts ask for support and urge you to call. We're just running a few brief promos each hour asking for your support.

Q. If you're not asking people to call, how can you get donations?
A. It's as simple as going to our web page, and clicking the big DONATE NOW button. You can make a recurring monthly donation or a one time donation to KSER.

Q. Can I still call KSER to make a financial pledge of support?
A. Sure. We don't have our normal phone bank of volunteers standing by, but we can still take your call at 425-303-9070.

Q. Will KSER be able to hit it's required goals with this kind of campaign?
A. We hope so, but that's up to our listeners.  We hope that in two weeks we're able to reach our modest goal of $40,000. But, if we're starting to see that the silent drive, by itself, isn't going to work, you will probably hear some of the more traditional pledge drive 'pitch breaks' toward the end of the campaign.

Q. Why does KSER have to do pledge drives?
A. Support from listeners makes up nearly 70% of our annual budget. Without listener support there would be no KSER.

Q. Don't you get money from the feds or the state thanks to my tax dollars?
A. No.We don't receive any funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting; no money from the federal government and nothing from the state. We don't just say we're listener powered. We really are.

Q. So what do I get for my money.
A. What you really get is all the great programming you can hear on KSER and KXIR, plus online at and on our Radio Replayer where all programs are available for two weeks after their original air-date.  You also get peace of mind knowing that the North Puget Sound has something many communities don't have - a full-power community owned radio station. Most people complain about a small handful of corporations owning a large chunk of the media landscape. But KSER is a fully independent radio operation. Your station.  But it only works with your support.

Q. If I make a donation at how do I tell you what show's I'm supporting?
A. Just leave any feedback you'd like in the comment field, like some of the donors below.

From Albert in Monroe:

 Timothy in Snohomish was listening to the Sunlit Room Wednesday morning with JJ:

From Nicholas in Everett:

Michael in Greenbank:

Peter in Edmonds listens to Flashpoints, weekdays at 6 a.m.:

When Jim in Woodway donated he wanted to make sure we knew he was listening to one of KSER's great Saturday Night 'Blues' hosts:

Our very first pledge drive was 25 years ago this month - June of 1991.

We wouldn't have survived 25 years and we wouldn't be able to attempt our first 'silent' pledge drive without your support. Thanks!

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